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You will find Exotic Meat and In-house Kitchen, Injera, Kurt, Tibs, Kitfo, Quanta Firfir, EThiopian Coffee and more...





We carry Quality Ethiopian and East African speices

We believe in the simple pleasures of life.
Good food, fresh ingredients, and awesome vibes. Welcome to Megenagna Mart and Café, make yourself at home.


Our Fans' Favorite

kitfo Special ክትፎ ስፔሻል

It is Ethiopian Special Kitfo mixed with Homemade Cottage Cheese, Harbor Butter, Mitmita, Cardamom and more ( It can be ordered Raw, Medium or Well Done).

Join us

Gather around the Table
with Our Family Bundle

Our Café is the place where you can find different Ethiopian Posters that reflects our traditional history. We serve delicious drinks, hot and cold. We welcome all to come enjoy our great Mart and Café. We also offer you T-Shirts, Jewelries, Gifts and more...


Our Fans' Favorite

Ethiopian & East African Spices ቅመማ ቅመሞች

Looking for more North African Spices? Check out our Foods Market. Most of the spices used in Ethiopian cooking are available in our place. We sell Teff, Berbere, Shiro and a combination of more than 20 spices...

Megenagna Mart & Cafe Moments

We welcome you to a fresh, tasty, delicious and traditional inspired Ethiopian dishes in our Mart and Café. From breakfast to dinner, we are waiting to serve you with excellence

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